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Adventure in Poland. This is what JAN-POL Active is all about. Discovering our heritage, countryside, people and cities. Exploring Poland on foot, by bicycle and rarely by bus or train.

At JAN-POL Active, we know what makes a perfect active holiday that let our clients dive into local traditions, culture, cuisine and environment.

We share the passion for travel with our customers and treat every guest individually. At the same time we respect our local traditions, landscapes and follow a zero-waste travel pattern.


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The depth of Dunajec Gorge where a popular cycling trail runs

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Situation in Poland (updated 02/07/2020):


From 13th June Poland is opening borders with EU and all countries belonging to Schengen area. Tourists crossing the borders of Poland that are internal EU borders, do not have to undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine. The EU's external borders are still closed.


As of 17 June 2020, international flights from airports located on the territory of European Union, Switzerland, Georgia, Montenegro, Japan, Canada, Albania, Korea Republic, Ukraine, except for Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Sweden and Portugal have been resumed. International rail traffic has been restored within the internal borders of the European Union. However, traveling by international trains to destinations outside the EU's external borders is still suspended.


The rooms are being carefully disinfected after each guest. To increase the safety the cleaning service is divided in two sections: persons who are cleaning the rooms and persons delivering fresh bedding, towels, etc. For the same safety reasons the bedding and towels are not changed daily, but after each guest departure. All staff is obliged to keep distance and wear masks. Buffet breakfast is allowed, however in many hotels guests can order food at their tables. The sanitary products are available and the masks can be purchased at most of the receptions for those who has forgotten their owns.


A distance of 2m between tables has to be kept. It’s not obligatory to wear masks once you are seated at the table but please put it on when you are leaving your table (for example when using facilities or order at the bar)


Cultural institutions such as museums, cinemas, theaters, concert halls, galleries, and exhibition halls has already been open (some of them with limited numbers of visitors of for individual visitors only) and the masks are obligatory in all these places. The restrictions on the operations of shopping malls and shopping centres are lifted. The limit on the number of customers remaining at the same time in stores, marketplaces and post offices is lifted.

Public transport

Trams and busses in the cities are operating normally. Public transit authorities are now allowed to increase the passenger limit in public transit vehicles. Domestic flights and train connections are available. Again masks are obligatory in all above transport means.

Private coaches

All seats can be taken on coach and there is a disinfection after each drive. Wearing masks during a trip is obligatory.

General information

It’s compulsory to cover your nose and mouth is in shops, museums, public transport and all closed areas. On the street it’s required to keep the distance of 2 m one from another or cover your face if keeping distance is not possible.

Events for up to 150 people are allowed.

A certain sanitary regime (like disinfection) and a limitation of number of people in one place applies in all of the above.