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Avventura in Polonia. Questo è ciò che è JAN-POL Active. Scoprire il nostro patrimonio, la campagna, la gente e le città. Esplorare la Polonia a piedi, in bicicletta e raramente in autobus o in treno.

Alla JAN-POL Active, sappiamo cosa rende perfetta una vacanza attiva che permette ai nostri clienti di immergersi nelle tradizioni locali, nella cultura, nella cucina e nell'ambiente.

Condividiamo la passione per i viaggi con i nostri clienti e trattiamo ogni ospite individualmente. Allo stesso tempo rispettiamo le tradizioni locali, i paesaggi e seguiamo un modello di viaggio a rifiuti zero.


Escursionisti che hanno terminato il nostro percorso top autoguidato


Paesi da visitare durante il nostro tour Bieszczady


La profondità della gola di Dunajec dove corre una famosa pista ciclabile

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Situation in Poland (updated 06/07/2021, valid until further notice)

Polish government is monitoring restrictions level and at this point number of new infections is considered as decreasing. Therefore economy is slowly reopening following below plan. The below information refers to nationwide restrictions.

Entering and leaving Poland

After arriving to Poland, the release from quarantine will still apply to people who are vaccinated or tested negative for Covid-19. All travelers from Schengen zone who are not vaccinated to avoid quarantine should perform Covid test with a negative result. Travelers arriving to Poland from outside the Schengen Area will be directed to a 10-day quarantine which they will be able to shorten after obtaining a negative Covid test result not earlier than 7 days after crossing border. There are the same rules for all means of transport, including public and individual transport, as well as all persons crossing the border on foot. The tests are not publicly funded. Children under 12 years of age who are travelling under the supervision of adults vaccinated against COVID19 will not be quarantined.


As of 29th July 2020, international flights from airports located on the territory of European Union have been resumed. International rail traffic has been restored within the internal borders of the European Union. However, traveling by international trains to destinations outside the EU's external borders is still suspended.

Public transport

Trams and busses in the cities operates with 100% of seats taken. Domestic flights and train connections are available. These limits do not apply to vehicles for the transport of disabled passengers. Again masks are obligatory in all above transport means.


Shopping malls, DIY and furniture shops are reopened under condition to operate under a strict sanitary regime, with a limit of 1 person per 10 m2. Pharmacies, services points, bakeries, constructional markets and grocery shops are open with limited numbers of customers.


Hotels are open with a limit of 75% capacity. The limit shall not apply to persons fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and organised groups of children and adolescents under 12 years of age.


Restaurants, pubs, bars are open under condition to operate under a strict sanitary regime at a max. 75% capacity, including keeping a safe distance between the tables and abiding by the limit on the number of people per table. Limit does not include persons vaccinated against COVID-19.


Museums and art galleries are open under condition to operate under strict sanitary regime, with a limit of 1 person per 10m2 Cinemas, theatres, operas, philharmonics are open and must operate under a strict sanitary regime at no more than 75% occupancy.

Private coaches

100% of seats can be taken on coach and there is a disinfection after each drive. Wearing masks during a trip is obligatory.

General information

It’s compulsory to cover your nose and mouth in shops, museums, public transport and all closed and areas. On the street it’s required to keep the distance of 2 m one from another. A certain sanitary regime (like disinfection) applies in all of the below.

Social life

From 6 June, up to 150 people may participate in events and meetings, either outdoors, indoors or in designated gastronomic areas. The sanitary regime will still apply. This number does not include persons vaccinated against COVID-19. Limit refers also to night clubs, discos and other dance clubs. Fairs, exhibitions, congresses and conferences may be held only with a limit of 1 person per 10 m2